10 Real Tips For New Moms

Here’s some tips and tricks I wish I was told when I became a mom:

1. New babies sleep A LOT! Try to take advantage of that.

2. Try to always be gentle but remember, your baby squeezed through a very tight canal, they are quite durable

3. You’ll be changing tons of diapers. Make sure to have a designated area that’s easy to access so they are use to it when they get squirmy in a few months.

4. Being a breastfeeding mom, my appetite was huge. I never had anytime to cook so a lot of junk food was consumed. Try to stock up on healthy, easy to make snacks.

5. Keep night time dark and daytime light, it’ll help them transition quicker.

6. Sometimes babies just cry. Go through your checklist of needs; hungry, tired, comfy, clean, etc. If those are all met take a deep breath. Hand baby off if the crying becomes too much.

7. You’ll learn their sleep and awake noises soon, so you won’t be jumping at every quickened breath, newborns are very noisy

8. Think of those 3am feedings as special bonus bonding time.

9.  Sometimes their tummies are really big.

10. Last but not least, when they wake up in the middle of the night it isn’t just a quick feed then back to bed. You’ll probably end up holding them for an hour or two until they are ready to sleep again. Keep it dark and bring your phone, water, iPad, book, etc. Just quietly hold baby while keeping yourself entertained. I ALMOST started looking forward to my bonus time with babe.



Becoming a mom

Rather than going on about my labor and delivery, which was around 6 hours of pushing,  I’d like to just ramble about the changes that happened shortly after delivering that beautiful 7lb 4oz angel.  Let me first say, I’m new to this whole blogging thing, but I know I wouldn’t want to read anything that wasn’t pure and genuine. I’m going to be raw and many may question my sanity.

Andrielle was born in June. She was perfect, of course. But I was hungry. Seriously, I hadn’t eaten in nearly 18 hours.  They eventually brought me a small selection of sugary cereals, which didn’t cut it. Back to the baby stuff,  it was quite overwhelming, to say the least.  I didn’t really connect the fact that an actual baby was going to be not only coming out of me, but placed on my chest, and she was mine now.  I was to take care of her and protect her. Funny right? I knew a baby was coming, but the thought of it can’t touch the reality. Never the less my instincts kicked in immediately.  My husband and I spent the next several days staring at her lovingly.  Afraid to set her down, even in a crib.  She slept strapped into a swing for the first few days.  I was terrified to sleep.  Every lil huff and sneeze she made woke me up in a panic.  I was so excited to leave the hospital but once we were home it got real. No one was there to make sure I wasn’t messing up. She is 18 months old now and it’s still just us making all the decisions (let’s be real, it’s me, me telling hubby not to give her an Oreo right before bed). They don’t, well they can’t, warn you about the love you’ll have for your child.  They talk about it… but none can describe it.  I’m not even going to try.

There are some ugly things about becoming a mom that they don’t warn you about either, especially if you get it bad for your baby like I did.  Your baby wants to be in your arms, always.  It will cry, and cry… and cry.  And this will shatter your soul.  Need to wash your hair? Go for it, but welcome to the guiltiest shower you’ll ever experience.  I wish that I could just advice you other mommas not to worry about it, but that’s what we do, that’s our MO, worrying.  I try to keep my sanity by allowing myself to live and do what I need to do.  The sooner your child learns that sometimes mommy has to do things; cook, laundry, shower, EAT! The happier you both will be.  Through my 18 months as a mom the biggest lesson I’ve learned is that she adjusts.  I spent so long holding her for everything, every time she cried I gave in.  Finally I realized there were just things I needed to get done.  The laundry and the dishes couldn’t be left for daddy again. So I didn’t pick her up. Guess what?  She figured it out and stopped crying all together.  She sees me cooking and knows that means its independent play time now.  I know this is not some huge secret mommy hack, you’d have figured it out and probably a lot sooner than I did.  But that has been the hardest thing about becoming a mom, losing myself. Not being able to find the line between her needs and mine.  I’ll go into that more in my next post!